DMM-BLE-2x01A "Mooshimeter", retail 102.49 ($125.00)* (
Manufactured by Mooshim Engineering (
Last updated 01-13-18

This product does not emit light of its own (much like this spectrometer, this spectrometer, and this DMM), so the standard review format will not be used and the product will be assigned a rating at once. A very high rating too, as during the time I've had it, it has thus far performed flawlessly even though I accidentally f***ed up the lead placement already (plugged the red lead into the "" receptacle when measuring low DC volts).

The DMM-BLE-2x01A "Mooshimeter" (hereinafter, simply called the Mooshimeter on this website) is...well...essentially a remotely-controlled DMM (Digital MultiMeter). That is, it can measure electrical current, voltage, resistance, reactive loads such as AC motors, etc. totally handsfree (once you establish the initial hookups).

The Mooshimeter communicates to the outside world using a low-power Bluetooth connection, so you can set it up to monitor voltage, current, reactive loads, etc. all handsfree and even log your short- or long-term findings over time onto a MicroSD card that you can easily install yourself. The resulting log can be read by pretty much any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

This meter is also fully autoranging; no need to fiddle with a cumbersome knob or buttons to select voltage, current, or resistance ranges.
You do, however, have to select your mode (volts DC, volts AC, internal temperature, auxillary volts DC, aux. volts AC, resistance, and diode drop) from the drop-down menu on your tablet or smartphone.

The Mooshimeter actually talks to you (in a female voice) telling you voltage, current, resistance in ohms, etc. So you need not actually LOOK at your tablet or smartphone; your ears can be used here so that you can keep your eyes on whatever it is you're measuring and where those test leads are!

Another thing that the Mooshimeter can do that an ordinary DMM can't is measure voltage and current simultaneously! Take that, Fluke!!!

* Pricing (Euros to US dollars) is accurate as of 01-12-18.

Let's start simple here.
First thing that you'll want to do is go to The App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and install an app called Mooshimeter to your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) and then run it.

Next, unzip the Mooshimeter's case and remove the Mooshimeter and its black & red test leads. Plug the black lead into the receptacle marked "C" (for COMMON) on the Mooshimeter's top, plug the red lead into the receptacle marked "" (for OHMS) on the Mooshimeter, and touch the metal probe tips on the leads together until an orange LED inside the meter flashes. This "wakes up" your Mooshimeter.

Unplug the red test lead from the Mooshimeter and plug it into one of the other receptacles on the top of the meter (though if you're measuring resistance, leave the red test lead right where it is).

On the app, press the "SCAN" button at the bottom of the display. The Mooshimeter shoulds spring to life shortly thereafter.

To change the batteries in the Mooshimeter, first be certain that the test leads are unplugged from the meter. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, unscrew and remove the two surprisingly large screws from the meter's underside, and set them aside. The use of such large screws is a very welcome feature; no more fiddling around with itty bitty "vacuumable" screws that can fall into the rug and then become lost, later falling prey to the hungry, hungry vaccum cleaner -- leaving you in a position to have to tape the thing together.

Pull the two case halves apart, and set the bottom section in the same place that you set those screws.

Gently pull the PC board straight up without bending or flexing it. You should grasp the PCB by the edges between those gold colored pads, and GENTLY jiggle it slightly whilst pulling straight up. If you did this correctly, the PCB should disengage from the plastic half and reveal to you those wonderfully dead batteries.

Carefully remove & dispose of or recycle the two spent AA cells as you see fit.

Install two new AA cells, observing the polarity indications silkscreened on the PCB.
If you did this correctly, the orange LED on one end of the circuit board will wink at you several times and then extinguish.

Reverse the above steps to reassemble your Mooshimeter and ready it for six more months of faithful service.

Here is the instructional material for the Mooshimeter, in .PDF format.
This is stored on my own webserver; it is not hotlinked.


Photograph of the semi-rigid zippered case that the Mooshimeter & test leads fit into.

Photograph of my cellular telephone handset's screen as I was measuring open-circuit voltage of a two-cell Li:PO flight battery from the Syma X8C Venture R/C Camera Drone.

Screen dump (yes, it's really called that!) of the Mooshimeter measuring mains voltage.

Test unit was sent by J. W. of Mooshim Engineering on 01-05-18 and was received at 2:50pm PST on 01-08-18.

UPDATE: 00-00-00

Extremely useful to be able to measure totally handsfree -- such as in a location with hazardous moving parts, exposed high voltage, exposed laser radiation, exposed jagged or sharp edges, etc.
Uses batteries that are common and relatively inexpen$ive
Potential for very long battery life (six months of constant use!)
Compact size & shape
*NOT* have a cheap or "chintzy" feel to it; the Mooshimeter actually feels quite substantial and rugged

You can't just whip it out and take a measurement "on the fly" -- the Mooshimeter does require a bit of setup every time you show up for a job

None that I've thus far determined

    MANUFACTURER: Mooshim Engineering
    PRODUCT TYPE: Remotely-operated DMM
    LAMP TYPE: SMD orange LED
    No. OF LAMPS: 1
    CASE MATERIAL: Transparent plastic
    BEZEL: N/A
    BATTERY: 2x AA cells
    CURRENT CONSUMPTION: Unknown/unable to measure
    WATER- AND URANATION-RESISTANT: Light to moderate splatter-resistance at maximum
    ACCESSORIES: Semirigid storage pouch, 2x Duracell AA cells (already installed), 2x red & 1x black standard test leads, 3x alligator clip adapters, probe tip covers, 12A HRC fuse (already installed)
    SIZE: 116mm L x 46mm W x 52mm D
    WEIGHT: 408.23g incl. batteries
    COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE: United States of America
    WARRANTY: 2 years


    Star Rating

DMM-BLE-2x01A "Mooshimeter" *

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